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    A Brief Investigation Into The Random Comments Left By Famous People On Jennifer Aniston's Instagrams

    Are Jennifer Aniston and Justin Bieber friends???

    Hey you. Yeah, you over there. Did you hear that Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram? It was big news last week.

    Anyway, now she's postin' pics like it's no big deal. Which means other famous people are commenting, and this interests me.

    Obviously you've got your Courteney Cox comments. She's the Monica to her Rachel.

    And the Reese Witherspoon comments. They are friends and in a new show together...that's showbiz, baby!

    But it wasn't until I recently sifted through the comments section on her posts that I got really intrigued. Let's take a look.

    Case study #1 — Jennifer uploads this video:

    Jennifer Lopez comments "Lol." Not even "lolololol." Are they friends?? Do they speak?? Does J.Lo just think the post is like, slightly humorous???

    Also on this post, Nick Viall from Bachelor Nation comments something about fantasy football. No offense, but...does Jen even know who Nick Viall is????

    Case study #2 — Jennifer uploads this #tbt:

    First of all, Justin Bieber comments and says that he's watching Friends right now and ends with "xo." Are they friends??? XO???? I'm confused!

    Maria Sharapova also comments. Does she expect a reply? Have they ever conversed in real life? Where do their lives overlap??

    Also, Bethenny Frankel says "I can't!" Seems random!

    Case study #3 — Jennifer goes ~silly~ in her post recent post:

    In the comments section on this one, we've got her ex-husband Justin Theroux. This confuses me. I guess they left on good terms?? Apparently he's really proud of her for joining Instagram?? The whole thing is just too mature for my brain to handle!

    Additionally, Sam Ronson, the DJ/Lindsay Lohan's ex, wrote "Funny." Okay...?

    And Jenna Dewan cried laughing. This seems kind of normal except that I truly wonder if they've met in real life.

    Diplo wrote "good content." True, I guess, but like, what is Diplo doing in Jennifer Aniston's Instagram comments?

    Same goes with J Woww. Honestly didn't think I'd find her here.

    And I'm not sure what King Bach is getting at here!

    Also, Sarah Hyland not only commented...

    ...but also dedicated an entire post to Jennifer Aniston with this pic from the movie they were in together, The Object of My Affection.


    Anyway, I'll be here, monitoring Jennifer Aniston's Instagram comments for the rest of my sad life! Bye!

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