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    A Breakdown Of Every Moment Zac Efron Appeared In The Parkland Trailer

    He plays a doctor and I melt.

    When we first saw him and he was kind of sideways and he was like, 'OH NO THE PRESIDENT?"

    And he was scared and his face looked worrisome.

    Then we saw more of his body and he was wearing a white lab coat and a tie and his hair was adorable.

    Then his eyebrows were all curled like two little caterpillars nodding their heads at each other.

    Then they did a solo shot of his face (because, duh) and he had perfect facial hair and his nose looked nice.

    And they kept the camera on him but his eyes shifted a little because he was deep in thought.

    Then he was on again and now we saw more of his face.

    And then he opened his mouth a little and we saw some of his bottom teeth and they looked white.

    Then he was like "I NEED MORE PRESSURE!!!!!!""

    But his hair was still completely perfect.

    And his ear looked nice.

    And then ZAC EFRON was completely distraught and he tore off his stethoscope in rage.

    And his face was so sad and emotional and his hair started to melt.

    And then there was no more of him and the rest of the trailer was boring because he wasn't in it but here's the whole thing anyway:

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