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56 Thoughts I Had While My Task Rabbit Was Doing His Task


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1. Oh I see you got a haircut since your task rabbit pic was taken.

2. I wonder if he likes my apartment.

3. Does he want water???

4. Nice, he wanted water.

5. I love hydration.

6. I wonder how long this will take.

7. Do I just sit here?

8. Do I talk to him?

9. Can I leave?

10. I probably shouldn't leave. If I told my mom I left a stranger in my apartment, she'd wonder where she went wrong with me.

11. I wonder how things are going.


12. I guess I'll just sit on my couch and pretend he's not there.

13. Should I have put on a bra?

14. Nah, fuck that.

15. Should I offer to help?

16. No!!!! That defeats the purpose.

17. Why is he grunting like that?

18. Should I be entertaining him more?

19. Should I have made a snack? DO I NEED TO FEED HIM???

20. I wonder if he needs more water...

21. Omg he hasn't even SIPPED the water I gave him yet, wtf?

22. Why doesn't he want the water I offered him.

23. Fuck THIS GUY!

24. Oh the dresser is coming along.

25. Good progress.

26. Cool he brought powertools.

27. Should I play music?

28. What if he hates my taste in music?

29. Looks like he's maybe into Creed.

30. I'm not playing Creed so fuck that!!!

31. Ok no music, w/e.

32. I'll turn on the TV.

33. I wonder if that will distract him.

34. It better not distract him, I need him to be productive, this shit is expensive!

35. We haven't spoken since he got here.

36. I wonder if he hates me, I'm just sitting on my couch like a lazy bum!

37. I feel awk.

38. If he was gonna murder me he prob would have done it by now.

39. Should I be talking to him more?

40. Can he hurry maybe.

41. I wonder if he's going at a slow speed, an average rate or a fast speed.

42. I hope he's going at "fast speed"

43. It's quiet in here.

44. Did he just ask me to lend him a hand?

45. UMMMMM that's why you're here buddy!

46. Jk, I'll help.

47. Ok I helped.

48. K, moving in on an hour and a half here, looking good, looking good.

49. Let's do this is under two hours.

50. Oh noice, he's done.

51. Cool.

52. Do we shake hands now?

53. Am I just like, k bye!

54. K I'm just gonna say bye.

55. Glad he didn't murder me.

56. Cool, dresser looks good.


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