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33 Masterpieces Created By The Amanda Bynes Fandom

Amanda has spent this week retweeting fans' Photoshops of her, and let me tell you, they are something.

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1. Like all good fandoms, Amanda is a queen to them.

2. An Elmo queen

3. A sourpatch queen....

4. And whatever this type of queen is:

5. It doesn't matter what type of queen as long as she wears the crown.

6. To some, she is their god.

7. Their lord.

8. Their savior.

9. Jesus looks up to her.

10. And so does President Obama.

11. In simple terms: "She lights up the world"

12. It doesn't matter how you express your love for Amanda...

13. Whether she's in a field of sunflowers...

14. Smoking a cigar with a top hat...

15. Is the face of one hundred dollar bill...

16. Or the yellow Teletubby...

17. A monkey...

18. Or is a poodle.

19. You've just got to do it.

20. And it would be nothing without some expressions of love for a relationship between Amanda and Drake:

21. It doesn't even matter if you spell her name right.

22. They are basically royalty.

23. Look they are lions!

24. And here are pics from their relationship:






30. Lots of grinding with these two!



33. This was their wedding:

34. And finally, a Drake and Amanda family.

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