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    29 Reasons Seoul, South Korea Has The Best Street Food In The World

    Full disclosure: We are dumb and not actually food critics lol.

    Fact: Seoul, Korea has the best street food in the world. This is not a joke, this is a truth. So, in the best interest of world issues, we tried all the street food we could find. The following is a list of our favorites.

    BTW all prices are in approximate American dollars.

    1. Fried milk: $4

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Yes, this is a thing. Yes it is delicious.

    Critic #2: When I saw this I decided to be lactose intolerant.

    2. Literally just a whole sweet potato: $3

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Simple elegance.

    Critic #2: Understated but satisfying!!!

    3. Egg bread: $1.50

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: The Mercedes Benz of Korean street food! Literally just an egg sandwich with a lil' sweet twist. Bone apple tea, indeed.

    Critic #2: Absolutely spectacular. NOT TO BE MISSED. If you are ever in Korea and only have time to try one street food dish...MAKE THIS THE ONE!!! Adorable, warm, sweet, delicious, everything your heart could ever desire. Satisfaction guaranteed!!!!!

    4. Cheese vegetable donut: $3

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Fried and gooey goodness. In the words of the great Troye Sivan, "My My My."

    Critic #2: I cried after my last bite because I was so sad it was over.

    5. Boiled fish paste: $2

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Very popular and great value. A people's favorite!

    Critic #2: Liked by many. Not me!

    6. Myeongdong dumplings: 3 for $4

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Fried dumplings = the best dumplings. I am salivating.

    Critic #2: I had a mouthgasm!!!! A dumpling to die for!!!!

    7. Cheese buttered baked scallops: $10

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Huge fan just because of the shell. Who doesn't love a shell?!

    Critic #2: Not for me, but I saw someone else that was enjoying it!

    8. Fried chicken with glutinous rice: $3

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: This is literally just fried chicken with a sweet and sour type sauce. It's ridiculous and by ridiculous I mean "get in me" and I hate that expression!!

    Critic #2: What Critic #1 said.

    9. Steak and sprouts: $7

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Picture does not do this delicious meal justice (no offense to the photographer AKA Critic #2). This was a delight. A sprouty, steaky delight!

    Critic #2: OOooh la la. The memories I have from this tasting will last with me forever. A perfect meal.

    10. Funny Cookie Smash: $3.50

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: You smash this ball with a big wooden hammer and it crumbles into crispy fried pieces covered in chocolate. What's not to love?

    Critic #2: The funny cookie smash is a food for all ages. Highly recommend, even just to use the hammer!

    11. Sugar pancake: $2

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: It's just sugar in some fried dough. Incredible.

    Critic #2: I dream of these at night. They are the only thing that make me happy these days.

    12. Mung bean pancake: $4.00

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Looking at this makes me want another one. To be perfectly honest, the perfect food to split between three people.

    Critic #2: Like a Korean latke but made with something called mung bean (I didn't ask questions!) Fried, hot and yum YUM YUM!!!!!

    13. Croissant Taiyaki: $3

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: CUTE and DELICIOUS.

    Critic #2: Like a sweet potato pie but shaped like a fish, so more fun.

    14. Chips on a stick: $4

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Chips...on...a...stick. Genius.

    Critic #2: Everything is better on a stick!

    15. Assorted sushi rolls: 5 for $6

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: As a sushi "meh-sayer," I have to be real with you: I was meh about this. As someone who understands "sushi culture," I appreciate the value, so for you "sushi peeps," it's a yes from me.

    Critic #2: Beautiful presentation. Great execution.

    16. Honey butter garlic shrimp: $6

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Deliciously crispy. Dangerously addictive. That should be the slogan.

    Critic #2: Honey! Butter! Garlic! Three of my favorite things!

    17. Chicken skewer (with rubbable sauce brush): $3

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: It's all about the rubbable sauce brush. Theee rubbable saaauce brush.

    Critic #2: Absolutely divine. A skewer for the ages!

    18. Stick of assorted sausages stuffed with glutinous rice things: $4

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Average sausage. Above average glutinous rice things. Great combo.

    Critic #2: Oh, this is what they mean by sausage fest.

    19. Dried persimmons: $10 per box

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Persimmons: Nature's most underrated fruit. I'm betting money on persimmons hitting it big in the states in the next few years. Mark my words!

    Critic #2: These took dried fruit to the next level. Tasty!!

    20. Assorted fish cake things: $4

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: If you love fish paste things, then you will like this.

    Critic #2: I don't love fish paste things, so I didn't like this.

    21. Oreo churro: $3.50

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: If you like Oreos and if you like churros then you will like these.

    Critic #2: A work of art!!!!!!

    22. Waffles with cream cheese: $1.50

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Not as good as it looks. It would be better fresh. A disappointment to waffle enthusiasts everywhere.

    Critic #2: Unfortunately the blueberry cream cheese waffle that was given to us was lukewarm. I like a hot waffle.

    23. Baked cheese: $3

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before.

    Critic #2: Baked cheese! Say no more fam.

    24. Banana/strawberry/nutella crepe: $6

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Crepe shnape! You've had one, you've had 'em all!

    Critic #2: A broken record.

    25. Strawberries in a cup and single chocolate covered strawberries: $3 and $1

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Never seen a single strawberry on a stick before! At first I thought this was problematic, but then I realized that it's a big ole' strawberry and then I was happy again.

    Critic #2: Simple and straight to the point. Nice option if you like chocolate covered strawberries!

    26. Roast lobster tail with cheese: $15

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Cute AND delicious (because of the shell).

    Critic #2: I recommend this dish because the shell is used as the serving plate an that is called sustainability.

    27. Fried sweet potatoes: $3 per cup

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Very sweet, but they could have been warmer.

    Critic #2: I had high expectations! But unfortunately the layer of honey around the sweet potatoes was too chewy and also they were too cold. Sad because I love potatoes!

    28. Squid something or other: $7

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Calamari lovers

    Critic #2: No thank you, but thank you!

    29. Strawberry wrapped in mochi: $3.50

    Lauren Yapalater/BuzzFeed

    Critic #1: Excellent mochi. Excellent chocolate filling. Very fresh strawberry. Yes, please.

    Critic #2: One of my top five favorite fruits wrapped in mochi? A winning combo!!!