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    27 Tweets That Only Someone In Therapy Will Relate To On A Deep, Dark Level

    Laughs, but cries, because it's sad, and true.


    My therapist: Me (to myself): This is great. I’m going to get a good grade in therapy, something that is both normal to want and possible to achieve,


    i love it when my therapist says something is someone else's fault i'm like yes bitch ikr


    When my therapist delivers me a hard fkn truth


    I look at my therapist like this when she says I handled a situation in a healthy and responsible manner


    i just want to know that my therapist likes me more than her other patients and also how much more and why and a gold star sticker for my dream journal would also be great is this really too much to ask?


    me telling my therapist abt a breakdown i had: omg yes that was a classic that was a classic


    I like to think my therapist considers me a “particularly interesting case”


    when my therapist says she wants to see me twice a week


    therapy is helpful because every two years I figure out what happened five years ago


    my therapist: me: do you think i’m annoying be honest


    My therapist: “Anything bad happen this week?” Me: yes yes yesyes yesyes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesyes yes yes yes yesye yes yes yes yes yesyes


    me @ my therapist when she tells me I’m too hard on myself


    someone's therapist knows all about u


    my therapist always tells me how i feel when i don’t want or kno how to say it myself it’s almost like a drag


    You pay your therapist a lot of money. Go ahead and fart in there.


    Me, in my therapists office, even though it’s her office:


    Me? Worrying about what my therapist thinks of me? Haha


    How do I ask my therapist if she thinks I’m cool


    My therapist thinks I’m funny and smart and I can’t tell her my real problems cause I want to keep up this image


    I literally just thought “I can’t remember what homework my therapist gave me but I think I’ve been doing it pretty well”


    Not to brag but my therapist told me I am fascinating like 6x today.


    whenever i get to my therapists office early she's like feel free to grab some coffee while u wait i'll be ready in a bit. you want me to just.... Do That? just Make Coffee? just make myself at home? i can't do this. i'd feel guilty


    me: so you might not remember this guy I went on a date with two years ago— my therapist: the one with two dogs and a car? HOW DOES SHE DO IT!!!


    My therapist said it was ok: a life story


    my therapist: reads me for absolute filth, spends the entire session calling out my problematic behavior, digs deep into childhood trauma I forgot even happened me: ok go off sis slay my wig this tea is snatched


    me: i want a therapist to call me on my bullshit my therapist: your thoughts are wrong me: ey fuck you too pal


    might text my therapist and ask if she's mad at me

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