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27 Reasons Why NBC's "Best Friends Forever" Should Not Be Cancelled

Save BFF! This show, only in its 4th episode, was taken off the air indefinitely and is now in purgatory between cancellation, and — fingers crossed — reinstatement on the air.

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1. Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham are actual best friends in real life.

They met when they were both students and performers at UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade) and have been friends ever since

4. Because she says things like this:

5. And this:

17. This moment:

18. This joke:

19. This singing/dancing moment:

20. This bathtub scene:

21. This Lennon speaking spanish bit:

22. This hilarious scenario:

23. This funny and honest portrayal of girls on facebook after a breakup:

24. This part:

25. This line about "The Closer":

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