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    27 Reasons Tyler Posey Is The Most Sexdorable Actor Out There

    Sexdorable = sexy AND adorable. He's got it all.

    1. Because this is what he looks like playing guitar on stage:

    One point for sexy.

    2. And this is what he looks like in a green backward hat:

    One point for adorable.

    3. He loves to dance while eating cereal:

    One point for adorable.

    4. And also loves to dance in his underwear:

    Ten points for sexy.

    5. He manages to make this look fashionable:

    One point for adorable.

    6. Then smolders in a tank top:

    One point for sexy.

    7. Because he's not afraid to kiss the ones he loves:

    Fifteen points for adorable.

    8. And once again, this is him in a towel:

    Twenty points for sexy.

    9. He's amazing at taking selfies.

    Twitter: @tylergposey

    One point for adorable.

    10. And also amazing at getting his picture taken:

    One point for sexy.

    11. Because he LOVES ANIMALS.

    12. Actually loves animals.

    13. Like, I want to be this dog.

    Twenty points for adorable.

    14. And this is him talking about werewolf sex:

    One point for both sexy AND adorable.

    15. Because he's not afraid to get his nipple rubbed:

    One point for sexy.

    16. Or rub other people's nipples.

    17. Or show off his nipples in general:

    One hundred points for sexy.

    18. He's amazing at being a T-rex:

    5 points for adorable.

    19. And also amazing at being a human male:

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    Five points for sexy.

    20. He smiles like this:

    John Shearer / AP

    21. And this:

    22. And this:

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    23. And this:


    24. And squints like this:

    Ten points for sexy.

    25. This is him making a flowered headband appear out of thin air:

    26. And this is him mouthing "OH YEAH."

    One point for sexy.

    27. In conclusion he is the SEXDORABLE KING.

    And the points didn't matter because he is equal parts both.

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