24 Reasons Lorde Is The Greatest Famous Teen On Twitter

    You can call her queen bee (of tweets).

    1. First of all, she's very meta. She just gets it.

    2. And she's like the leader of pimple truthers:


    4. Even famous people get acne, and she'll tell you first.

    5. And then call out anyone who tries to make it seem like they don't:

    6. She makes keen observations and isn't afraid to use fancy letter dots in a tweet:

    7. She makes sure to let everyone know when celebrities of note are around her:

    8. And doxes her famous friends when they spell her name wrong:

    9. But also praises other industry people while quoting Beyoncé:

    10. She went through a Candy Crush addiction like the rest of us, and wasn't afraid to use her platform to feed that addiction:

    11. She questions celebrities just like regular people do...

    12. And also theorizes about them, creating an alternate reality that we can only wish to be a part of:

    13. She fully understands the importance of these beautiful things:

    14. And also like us, once had bank woes:

    15. She's honest...

    16. Very honest.

    17. Just super truthful and doesn't care about what people think:

    18. She's in with the ~internet crowd~

    19. And enjoys retweeting doge memes of herself:

    20. She shares with the rest of us facts about octopuses that we otherwise might not have known:

    21. And her thoughts on limos are on point:

    22. She uses Twitter as a powerful platform to raise awareness for Lizzie Maguire...

    23. And also the problems that come with being an LM fan:

    24. And finally, she's self-aware about her claw hand, and that we have to love her for.