22 Photos Of Alfred Hitchock Being A Big Goof

    Hitchock is the king of thriller and suspense, known for Psycho and The Birds. But here he is just being super silly.

    1. Holding this goose

    2. Playin' with his doggy

    3. Being a human cannon ball

    4. Being silly with birds

    5. Hugging a koala

    6. Holding a petite tea cup

    7. Pretending this guy is a plant

    8. Sighing next to a skull

    9. Playing with another doggy

    10. Thinking with a bird

    11. Floatin'

    12. Eating a sandwich

    13. Drummin' with femur bones

    14. Peepin' through branches

    15. Being silly with a noose

    16. Being silly in general

    17. Being silly with another noose

    18. Trying to ride a bike

    19. Facepalming

    20. Lookin' down his pants

    21. Being a rockstar

    22. Wrapping himself in giant sausages