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21 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Neil Patrick Harris pulled a Miley, Oprah carried a box and more!

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1. Neil Patrick Harris pulled a Miley with his Emmy:

2. The Rock got serious in the gym:

3. Beyonce compared her toe size to Blue Ivy's:

4. Joe Jonas was miss universe:

5. Kim Kardashian filmed the Kardashian Christmas September:

6. Scott Disick used $100 bills as toilet paper:

7. Mindy Kaling had a penis shaped rocket ship cake:

8. James Franco teased the media:

9. Lena Dunham wore a bra on her head:

10. Shaq got off and on a plane:

11. Danielle Fishel got her hair done:

12. Justin Timberlake got scared by fans:

13. Oprah held a box:

14. Snoop took a selfie:

15. Gaga wore a mask:

16. Zac Efron and his cast mates did this:

17. King Joffrey hugged Shay:

18. Amanda Seyfried's dog balanced this wrap on his head:

19. Mae Whitman and her TV brother saw some art:

20. Demi Lovato gave the thumbs up:

21. And Carrie Brownstein had the coolest lunch ever, with and Kim Gordon, Amy Poehler and Aimee Man:

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