21 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Many got ready for Christmas, Taylor Swift hung out with Lorde and more!

1. Harry Styles looked off into the distance:

2. Beyoncé was a mannequin:

3. Justin Bieber showed off his tongue:

4. Ke$ha grammed her c@t:

5. Drake was once a little boy:

6. Miley got into the holiday spirit:

7. James Franco competed with his brother:

8. Hilary Duff packed her dog:

9. Colton Haynes sat on Santa’s lap…

10. And so did Jesse Tyler Ferguson:

11. Taylor Swift had a garden party (and Lorde was there):

12. Tyler The Creator ate a burger:

13. Rihanna was a robber santa:

14. Kim Kardashian emulated her idol:

15. Neil Patrick Harris loves Santa:

16. Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak traveled back in time to take this selfie:

17. Zooey Decshanel showed off her cuddling dogs:

18. Joe Jonas made a christmas card:

19. And so did Nick Jonas:

20. Ian Somherhalder got bloody:

21. And Gisele breastfed her baby:

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