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    19 Reasons We Are All Actually Every Single Disney Character

    Disney movies? More like Disney our lives.

    1. Actually us eating:

    2. IRL us twerking:

    3. US IN REAL LIFE when we aren't sure if we like someone:

    4. ACTUALLY US after shitting at a fancy ball:

    5. Actually ACTUALLY us when we don't want to get out of bed and the birds are pulling our hair:

    6. Seriously us right after the shower on a humid day:

    7. Everyone IRL after a bitch talks behind our back:

    8. Totally US in real life trying to smile for pictures:

    9. Humanity when we just want to be left alone to die:

    10. For real us at the bar when someone is cute:

    11. Literally us IRL when we are high:

    12. US again IRL when we are even higher:

    13. Actually us all the time:

    14. Literally US AND OUR MOMS:

    15. Us when we talk about Justin Bieber:

    16. LITERALLY all of us when you realize that person you brought home from the bar is not cute:


    18. Actually us being a giraffe:

    19. And this is LITERALLY us when a prince takes us on a stroll with his horse: