19 Signs You Might Be Comet From "Full House"

If any of these things sound familiar, you are a dog.

1. Naps on the couch are a daily occurrence.

2. TV time is YOUR time.

3. You love to invite your friends over for parties.

4. Especially for your birthday, because it’s your fucking birthday and you are the queen.

5. You literally have no idea what is going on ever.

6. Everyone is always hugging you.

7. Sometimes you wear things on your head that you regret.

8. You wear things on your head that you regret A LOT.

9. You often corner John Stamos in a room and make him pet you.

10. At the end of the day you just wanna lie in bed with a sock in your mouth.

11. You once ran away from home at a young age to be with the one you loved and your family looked everywhere for you, except for right behind them because there you were riding a trolly through San Francisco!

12. Sometimes you play tag with your friends.

13. You are amazing at basketball and probably many teams are trying to recruit you.

14. You love a good massage.

15. You have teeth:

16. Sometimes you just want to sit down and stick your tongue out.

17. You have large ears for your face:

18. You always overpack:

19. Everyone loves you. You rule.

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