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    17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

    Beyonce went skydiving, Jimmy Fallon showed of his baby, and more!

    1. Beyonce went skydiving:

    2. Paris Hilton posed with a pumpkin:

    3. Jimmy Fallon showed off his happy baby:

    4. Justin Bieber took a poop:

    5. Dave Coulier jumped in John Stamos' pool while wearing an Uncle Jesse t-shirt:

    6. Rihanna twerked by a pool:

    7. Kim Kardashian got engaged:

    8. Hilary Duff got a new nose:

    9. Nicole Richie dressed up with Jessica Alba:

    10. James Franco gave the silent finger:

    11. Andy Cohen debuted his new dog:

    12. Lena Dunham took some pills:

    13. And also met the Beckhams:

    14. Mindy Kaling gave a sneak peak of her show:

    15. The Rock took a private jet:

    16. 50 Cent showed off his fresh $100 bills:

    17. And Ian Somerhalder had to beware of the sign:

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