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17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Madonna didn't shave, Justin Bieber took a selfie and more!

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1. Miley Cyrus showed off her butt bruise:

2. And Justin showed off his chest tat:

3. Katy Perry dined with Ellie Goulding

4. Aaron Paul cozied up to his wife Lauren:

5. Norman Reedus loved us all with fries:

6. John Stamos got splashed:

7. Madonna showed off her natural look:

8. Beyoncé visited the Anne Frank museum:

9. Ryan Seacrest devoured some macarons:

10. Andy Cohen met Enrique:

11. Oprah ate some cauliflower:

12. Joe Jonas met Cory Matthews:

13. Evan Peters showed off his bedhead:

14. Chris D'Elia caught his dog doing this:

15. Lena Dunham snuggled with her boyfriend:

16. Harry Styles held this dog:

17. And Jared Leto wore this hat: