16 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Oprah got ready for thanksgiving, Ke$ha showed off her butt, and more!

1. Oprah basted a turkey:

2. Joe Jonas posed by the fire:

3. Amanda Seyfried showed off her human dog:

4. Nicole Richie got her parents back together:

5. Kesha kind of hid behind a curtain:

6. Neil Patrick Harris showed off his crudite spread:

7. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran drank tea:

8. Justin Bieber posed by the beach:

9. Andy Cohen showed off his dog:

10. Lady Gaga wore this giant bow:

11. Jon Legend got ready for Thanksgiving:

12. Ryan Seacrest met 1D:

13. Victoria Beckham displayed her large shoe collection:

14. Colton Haynes modeled with his friends:

15. Emma Roberts met Lady Gaga:

16. And Kim Kardashian hung out with Marina Abramović:

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