16 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Gwyneth took a selfie, Rihanna partied and more!

1. Selena and Demi reunited:

2. 50 Cent took a creepshot of Howard Stern and his wife:

3. Hilary Duff showed us her pageant past:

4. Mae Whitman slid down some stairs:

5. GOOP took a selfie:

6. Rihanna hung out with her grandpa:

7. Nicki MInaj showed off her asset:

8. Cory and Topanga were together again (in spirit):

9. Justin Bieber became a street artist:

10. Mindy Kaling got close to Adam Pally:

11. John Stamos got shirtless with a mermaid:

12. Nck Jonas got cozy with a dog:

13. Oprah drank some coffee:

14. Snoop Dogg had taco night:

15. Jesse Tyler Ferguson hung out with a big fan:

16. And Beyonce was an angel:

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