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15 Reasons To Watch "Sesame Street" Again

For their 43rd season they've pulled out the big guns and have an all-star guest lineup. I know my "little brother" will be "watching everyday" so I'll "babysit him" and "glance at the TV screen" because I'll be "bored."

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1. Zac Efron!

2. Jon Hamm!

3. David Beckham!

4. Maya Rudolph!

5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

6. Eric Stonestreet!

7. Ed Helms!

8. Jack Black!

9. Melissa McCarthy!

10. Halle Berry!

11. Steve Carell!

12. Timothy Olyphant!

13. Don Cheadle!

14. Kristen Bell!

15. And Zac Efron again because THIS PHOTO:

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