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    Jan 30, 2014

    14 Things We Learned From Bob Saget, John Stamos And Dave Coulier's Reddit AmA

    The Full House guys took to Reddit to answer questions, and proved why they were the three best "dads" on television.

    1. The rumor about them pranking fans in public is true:

    2. But Dave was the prankster on set:

    3. That there is a pair of Dave Coulier's underwear in the rafters on a Hollywood set somewhere:

    4. Dave likes to play croquet in a bikini:

    ABC Photo Archives / ABC via Getty Images

    5. Bob Saget's favorite kind of pie is probably not a literal pie:

    6. Full House is almost like real life:


    7. John Stamos can be a diva on set:

    8. John Stamos is a little scared of Jennifer Lawrence:

    Mike Pont / FilmMagic

    9. Any of these fights would be good to watch:

    10. Bob Saget has definitely seen this video:

    11. John's mullet was more popular than John himself:

    12. Bob Saget is basically a method actor:

    ABC Photo Archives / ABC via Getty Images

    13. They guys once got "in trouble" for their on set jokes:

    14. And they are exactly like who they played on TV:

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