13 Babies Who Could Play Abraham Lincoln

You know what’s better than Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter? Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: With Babies.

1. Baby Lincoln that knows he is going to wear an awesome top hat one day

2. Baby Lincoln that is in deep thought about his forefathers

3. Baby Lincoln that wants to end slavery

4. Baby Lincoln that doesn’t know where America ends and Mexico begins

5. Baby Lincoln that loves turtles!

6. Baby Lincoln that just decided he’ll be president one day

7. Baby Lincoln: serious toddler

8. Baby lincoln that doesn’t know what is going on

9. Baby Lincoln that went digging through the trash

10. Baby Lincoln that tried to dye his own hair

11. Baby Lincoln that knows what is coming on April 14, 1865

12. Baby Lincoln that just shaved and is trying something new

13. Baby Lincoln that ate one too many rolos

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