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Let's End 2016 On A Happy Note

On a C#, to be specific.

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Last Christmas, everything was happy.

David Bowie was still alive, and there were probably a few thousand more Polar Bears roaming the earth.

Ah yes, the year was 2015, and everything was perfect.

Also, Toblerone bars hadn't been redesigned yet.

But then 2016 reared its hideous head


And for the past 12 months, we've turned to cronuts and Netflix to comfort us.

*N.B., cronuts are the product of 2014

But don't despair - this London a cappella group has a festive surprise to cheer you up!

Is it a time machine? No. . .sorry.

While the rest of us were moping around, a group of singers flew to Copenhagen, and put together this fab a cappella version of 'Last Christmas'

View this video on YouTube

So instead of mulling over the various depressing events that have made 2016 *extra* special

The only thing YOU should be mulling is. . .wine

The only thing YOU should be mulling is. . .wine

Give yourself the happy ending you deserve <3

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