LVdog Want to see Las Vegas from a dog's point of view? Join Arbor, the Go Vegas Dog, as she travels around scoping out the sights and sounds of America's most visited city. She'll be shooting often, so be sure to check-in for her latest a...
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  • This Paw-Casso’s Painting Is Fetching $1,000 On eBay!

    Arbor a rescue dog from Las Vegas is doing her part to help the pets of Oklahoma by auctioning off one of her original masterpieces, “Hope Through the Rubble”, to raise money for the Central Oklahoma Humane Society (COHS). COHS is one of the primary organizations involved in sheltering and caring for the many pets displaced by the May 20th tornado. 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of Arbor’s painting will go to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society, a non-profit. The auction can be found on eBay and ends June 13th. This painting has trumped her previous highest selling painting of $453.00 and may very well be the highest selling painting, by a dog, of all time! Arbor’s painting skills have been internationally recognized. She also manages her own Facebook page with over 40,000 adoring fans.

  • Rescue Dog Donates Her Lifetime Supply Of Greenies

    Arbor a former shelter dog donates her lifetime supply of Greenies Dental Chews to animal rescues and shelters. She won the Best Trick category in Nutro’s Greenies Awards. Be her friend, ‘Like’ her on Facebook! Watch her fun award winning video:

  • Arbor

    Woof, I’m a former shelter pup turned painter. I use my special talent to fundraise and raise awareness for other animals in need. Follow me on Facebook!

  • “Hydranting” Planking For Dogs

    Dogs have found a new use for fire hydrants. Check out Arbor, the Go Vegas Dog, and her friends practice the new trend called Hydranting where your dog balances on a fire hydrant. To share a funny pic of your dog hydranting go to

  • Dog Paints To Raise Awareness For Gas Chamber Animals

    Would you like to own this very painting? Arbor will be holding an online benefit auction within the next week or so with 100% of the net proceeds going to Nash County Animal Friends. For more information about Arbor or her upcoming auction please visit her Facebook page,

  • woof

    Dog Auctions Her Own Artwork To Help Injured Bait Puppy

    Hudson was a bait dog used for dog fighting, then set on fire and left to die. Arbor, a rescue dog herself, is auctioning off one of her paintings to raise money for Hudson’s medical expenses. Please check out the eBay auction and SHARE to raise awareness.

  • woof

    Dog Makes a Margarita for Cinco de Mayo

    Dogarita anyone? Watch as I help my human whip one up in celebration of Cinco de Mayo! I put the ice in the blender, hand her the bottles of fake tequila and mix, put on the lid and help turn it on. It’s all doggie safe of course :)

  • woof

    Cute Skateboarding Puppy Dog Goes To Skate Park!

    Watch this little skater girl rock it! At the making of this video she had only been skating for 12 short days. And, believe it or not, she’s still just a pup! Pretty pawsome, huh? Let’s be friends, “LIKE” our Facebook page for future skating videos, Vegas doggie adventures and more!

  • woof

    Dog Paints An Abstract Masterpiece!

    Not bad for a former pound pup, eh? Woof! I’m Arbor, aka the Go Vegas Dog. When I’m not on the town shooting my Vegas doggie adventures, I love exploring my creative side :) ‘LIKE’ me on Facebook,

  • Platoon Sweded Remake Hilarious Portrayal

    These guys bring Barnes, Red, Taylor and the rest of the boys back to life with this gripping remake of the classic Oliver Stone movie Platoon. Oliver - you could have saved $20 million using these guys instead. Hilarious!

  • woof

    Funny Vegas Dog Bets On The Super Bowl!

    Las Vegas dog breaks into her piggy bank savings to bet on the NY Giants as the 2012 Super Bowl winner. Any animal can pick the winner, but how many will put their money where their mouth is. Only a dog from Vegas, that is! This video is too funny to miss =) Pass it on!

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