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12 Things That Don't Faze Parents At All

You've seen too much.

1. Drool.

It used to be gross, but now it's part of your everyday life.

2. And pretty much all bodily fluids, for that matter.

3. Picky eaters...

4. ...or messy eaters...

5. ...or mess makers who are utterly delighted over their messes.

It's not sociopathic when you're a baby!

6. Laundry.

It's no longer a dreaded once-a-month affair — someone's gotta clean up all those messes!

7. Public embarrassment.

Your baby is your entire world. Who cares who's judging?

8. Crying.

Nothing's wrong; it just happens.

9. Narcolepsy.

10. Sleep deprivation.

11. Basically being broke.

12. And spending time with the cutest and most ridiculous little human every single day.

Get Luvs for the hilarious lil human in your life.