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10 Things Every Parent Would Love To Keep In Their Diaper Bag

A parent can dream! Live, learn, and get Luvs.

1. A babysitter who can pop out and watch the kids for a few minutes at any time.

2. A chauffeur to take the wheel when the kids need more attention than a driver can provide.

3. Sealed snacks of every variety in varying quantities, all healthy enough to feel good about but tasty enough to keep the kids happy.

4. An endless supply of clean clothes, like a magician’s scarf.

5. A few extra hours of sleep to use in truly exhausted situations.

6. An ointment you can rub on your child’s chest to automatically stop a tantrum.

7. Markers with disappearing ink you can let the kids go crazy with without making a mess.

8. Non-spillable juice.

9. A few friends with whom you can share knowing looks when your kid asks you the same question for the 11th time.

10. And a time machine that will let you stay in this moment forever, enjoying all the wonders of watching your kids grow.

Illustrations by Lyla Ribot / © BuzzFeed

Experienced parents know a little help can never hurt! Live, learn, and get Luvs.