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10 Great Ways To Upcycle Baby Clothes

Throwing something out? Think again! And make sure to check out Luvs' new diaper technology for your tot!

1. Cover up stains on clothes with a fun patch!

It's also just a great way just to spiff up old clothes.

2. Or sew a tutu on a cute top!

Voila! Perfect playtime dress.

3. Add a pom-pom or flower to renew booties.

This works especially well for knit booties, but any kind of fabric will allow you to sew on whatever you like!

4. Make a bib out of old fabric that you like!

Super easy and practical!

5. Try a simple embroidery.

You don't need to be a skilled seamstress for this! Outline whatever shape you want in fabric chalk and just follow the lines with thicker than usual thread.

6. Add ruffles to a shirt or onesie!

You can buy fringe or ruffles at a craft store!

7. Make a cute pillowcase into a dress!

8. Make mittens out of their favorite blanket or T-shirt.

9. Sew eyes, a mouth, and ears onto a hat!

10. And if all else fails, make a baby-clothes memory quilt.

Don't fret! You can always find a new use for your child's favorite shirt by using it in a memory quilt.