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Your Baby Who Loves Music Will Love This DIY Guitar

And you'll love that it's super cheap!

Attention rock star parents and rockabye babies alike! Here's how to transform a diaper box into a fun guitar.

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Start by making sure you have all of the following:

* Cardboard diaper box

* Popsicle sticks

* Rubber bands

* Paper towel roll

* Glue

* Scissors/precision knife

* Construction paper

1. Then, flatten the diaper box and cut out this shape:

You should end up with two base rectangles and three tabs as shown. Tabs should be about two inches each.

2. With scrap cardboard, outline two headstock pieces and cut them out.

Headstock = the polygonal tuner thing at the top of the guitar. Ideally, the shapes will have six sides and look like houses with flat roofs.

3. Tape the pieces onto the flattened paper towel roll as shown:

4. Cut three popsicle sticks in half and glue (or tape) the pieces onto the headstock.

You can adhere to just one side of the headstock or pinch between both sides. Hold until dry.

5. Cut a hole in your box. Fold the side flaps underneath.

6. Wrap rubber bands around the hole to create your strings.

Get creative with colors. Patterns, patterns, PATTERNS.

7. Tape the newly made guitar neck to the inside of the guitar body. Tape shut.

8. Add some construction paper shapes.

9. Insert a folded piece of cardboard underneath the rubber bands to add tension.

10. And get on with slappin' da bass (slash guitar)!

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