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Packing For Your Dream Vacation

Packing for your Dream Vacation will depend on which of the exciting cities you choose to visit. Just as a trip planned in December requires a different set of gear than a vacation planned in July, a holiday to Vancouver may call for different clothing than one to Whistler.

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With many airlines now charging luggage fees, travelers have to become savvier in their packing strategies. A summer vacation in the beautiful metropolitan city of Vancouver, British Columbia, can consist of light packing. A traveler should carry a pair of walking shoes, sunglasses, a camera, a bathing suit, a pair of shorts and a shirt for an enjoyable day at Stanley Park. With all those essentials in tow, a vacationer can choose to either walk or rent a bicycle to make their way around the circumference of Stanley Park's nine-kilometer walkway.

Along this route on a sunny day, one might stop to enjoy a Popsicle sold from the brightly colored, melodious ice cream truck. The next stop could be walking along the sandy beach of Coal Harbor where tide pools full of tiny crabs and sea life can entertain just as well as the rowing club in the nearby water. After being entertained by the sea life, one may choose to take photos by the totem poles at Brockton Point.

The lucky Vancouver vacationer should also pack a great nighttime outfit for a chic evening on the town. The city is packed with many fantastic culinary offerings. One gastronomic extravagance is Boneta located in Gastown. This stylish restaurant features Eurasian Fusion cuisine. Another treat is dining at Seasons in the Park where President Clinton entertained Boris Yeltsin during the 1993 Vancouver Summit - a location selected because of the combination of great food and picturesque views.

Others looking into vacations to Vancouver may choose Whistler as a dream destination. When packing for a trip to dream vacation Vancouver in the summer, a vacationer should fork over the luggage fee in order to tote along their plaid shorts, Izod shirts, spiky shoes, and golf clubs. Even if a traveler has never picked up a golf club in their life, taking up golf in Whistler is worth the effort. The reward includes breath-taking, panoramic views of the lakes, rivers, and mountains. If you are a serious golfer, the reward for golfing at the award winning courses found in Whistler is the knowledge that golf legends such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer have graced the course with their irons. Another point for the serious golfer to consider is that the four-star Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club was voted as one of the top 10 courses in the world.

If your trip involves a romantic getaway to Quebec City, packing a French dictionary may come in handy. This charming city offers a flavor of old world charm and is inhabited by many French-speaking locals. Another book you may wish to stash in your luggage could be a collection of passionate poems to woo your lover. The magical charm of the city is a honeymooner's delight.

Selecting Amazing Singapore Tour Package

Singapore, known to be the world's cleanest city, rich, bustling with activity, is likely to leave you befuddled and perplexed when it comes to choosing what next to do. Singapore Holiday Packages takes you an island country which is lush with greenery and comprises 63 islands. It's bordered in the north by the Johor Straits that separate it from Malaysia and the Singapore Straits in the south that separate it from Indonesia. It enjoys a tropical rainforest climate with abundant rainfall. Singapore is worth a visit at any time of the year.

Beautiful Singapore has restored many old gardens and parks to their previous charming state. Bus from johor to singapore leads families to the world's largest Bird Park in Jurong - one of its largest islands. Though the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is the only chief rainforest area left in Singapore, its' nature reserves and hundreds of parks, with rare orchids and botanical gardens have earned for it the nickname, 'garden city'. These are home to several animals, birds and insects, some unheard of, and a nature lovers delight.

Packing for any vacations to dream vacation travel tourism will require a little bit of planning in order to make the most of a wonderful holiday. Whether you choose to bring a bathing suit, golf clubs, or poetry book will all depend on the destination point.

Packing for any vacations to will require a little bit of planning in order to make the most of a wonderful holiday. Whether you choose to bring a bathing suit, golf clubs, or poetry book will all depend on the destination point.

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