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21 Bra Problems Every Girl Has Experienced Before

Twenty-one ways in which bra companies work against us.

1. Less fabric doesn't equal a lower price.

2. Huge bra pads.

3. Push-up bra vs. nipple.

4. The squeezing bra.

5. Perfect cups, but small wings (or the other way around).

6. The "riding up the back" bra.

7. Useless strapless bra.

8. D cups as endangered species.

9. Size variation.

10. Grandma design.

11. Inefficient bra

12. Straps.

13. Sideboob.

14. Lights on.

15. The "nude" bra.

16. The stabbing bra.

17. Washing the bra.

18. Uniboob

19. Putting on a sports bra.

20. Finding the design that you want.

21. The Frankenstein bra.

This is why you wish your favorite bra could last forever.