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Lumi By Pampers Can Help Babies and Parents Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Remember what sleeping through the night was like? You will again.

If there's one thing that both parents and babies can agree on (other than when it's time to change that dirty diaper), it's that getting a good night's sleep (or any sleep for that matter) is an investment for the whole family.

Tracking your baby's sleep patterns (including naps) is the best way to create those consistent sleep routines. But how can any sleep-deprived parent keep a near-constant watch on the little one while logging all that data? Allow the Lumi By Pampers Ultimate Baby Monitor Bundle to answer that question.

But first, let's talk about that video monitor. Parents and caretakers can keep a watchful eye on baby 24/7 from the Lumi app (available in the App Store or on Google Play) on their smartphone from anywhere, be it from your desk at work or from the room right next door.

And just because it's the '20s again doesn't mean you're watching a silent movie of your baby snoozing. Two-way audio not only allows you to listen in to every little noise but it also lets you verbally soothe your baby from your own bed.

Now how does the Lumi app do all of that sleep tracking, even when your baby's not in the crib? Well, the answer to that is another question: What's the only thing that's nearly always with on your baby? That's right, a diaper.

Oh, did we also mention that the Lumi app even alerts you when your baby needs a diaper change?

The best part (that sleep-deprived parents will truly) love is that the Lumi app provides personalized insights to better understand the baby's patterns as they grow and develop. Through this data, parents can build sleep routines that will eventually allow everyone to get the rest they need. In short: More sleeping. Less weeping.

For new parents, you might be unaware of the "developmental leaps" that your child will take in the first 20 months of their life. Think of these leaps exactly like a software update for your phone. And just like those updates, at first they can be a little confusing and sometimes downright annoying.

Here's what a few parents had to say about Lumi and how it improved sleep and helped build better routines for baby.

Making sure that babies and parents get the sleep they need is, no doubt, a super difficult task, but it doesn't have to be an impossible one. When you add Lumi By Pampers to all of that time and patience you're already investing in your baby's development, you're set up for even more success.

Get the Lumi By Pampers Ultimate Baby Monitor Bundle for $279.

The bundle includes one video monitor, one sleep sensor, and up to 10 days of diapers.

Also available: The Lumi Smart Baby Monitor for $199 or the Lumi Complete Sleep Kit for $99, which includes one sleep sensor, full app insights, and a one-month supply of diapers.

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