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Your Best Friends Brother Is Definitely NOT The One For You

We've all flirted with our best friends brothers, but it gets to a point where lines will be crossed and friendships will change. So before jumping into your best friends brothers bed, think before you do!

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1. "My best friends brother is the one for me nananana"

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You think its going to be just like that Victoria Justice song, but let me warn you-- you couldnt be further from wrong.

3. Then it happens.

If your lucky, you find out first-- if youre evern luckier you find out BEFORE IT HAPPENS. But lets be honest, we all know its being kept a secret from you for as long as it possibly can be.

5. So you bitch it out

After a few days of scouring at eachother you finally come to the fact that this is going down and theres nothing you can do about it. So, you get used to it and start to treat it as a fact of life-- you even start to enjoy the relationship, because your best friend could be your sister, and now your brother actually needs to be nice to you!

6. Then you get to be there for their first fight

and you would rather get shot numerous times than actually be in the middle of the situation-- but neither of them will let you off the hook. As much as you try, youre going to be yelled at for being on the "opposing side". Warning: the best thing to do at this point, is turn off the chat for your best friend on facebook and go MIA until they stop throwing grenades. trust me.

8. But then you remember this convo

And you decide to get over it, because shes still your best friend and who the eff really cares?... this might take sometime, and there may be some residual awkwardness, but if you were really best friends youll figure it out

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