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    • lukifera

      I don’t know why people are so confused and apathetic about this issue and why no postsIhave seen yet have raised this concept that seems to me to sidestep all of the problems. The legal systems of these countries cannot be forced to change by us westerners. We also don’t to take jobs away from these people. And the multinationals havearight to outsource production to save costs and lower prices in the mainland of wherever they are outsourcing from. The multinationals that are outsourcing labour to these countries are the ones responsible for the conditions which their product are made under. They can and some have already started to enforce strict regulations on the factories they are contracting to. No major laws need to be changed in order foramultinational to make sure that their products are being produced inaway that is ethical according to developed-world standards. This is why putting pressure on these companies and boycotting companies who do not take heed are still very effective. They can still be ethical and save on production costs, keep costs down, by simply raising their own bar by lifting the bars of the factories who produce for them. Everyone wins.

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