Signs You’re A Comic-Con Veteran

I’m getting too old for this shit.

1. You don’t have a ticket in the days leading up to the convention, yet you know, somehow, you will go.

2. You avoid buying geeky items at other times of the year to find better deals at the Con.

3. You don’t even bother with Hall H anymore.

4. …until you need to cut to the front of the line to see the Marvel panel.

5. You look forward to the after parties more than the Con itself.

6. You’re no longer affected by potentially fatal accidents involving overzealous fanboys and girls.

7. In fact, you’ve come to expect them.

8. You’ve heard so many critical jokes about Twilight that you criticize the anti-Twilight crowd.

9. …and then you still criticize Twilight fans.

10. You nerdshame other nerds for not being into your particular brand of nerdom

11. You begin hating the B-list celebrities who attend every year and charge for autographs.

Sorry, Lou. I don’t have $40 on me.

12. You begin hating everyone because it’s become too crowded.

13. And now you only go for a few hours, when you used to go all four days.

14. You despise first-year attendees for making acquiring a ticket so difficult.

16. You’re a bitter asshole writing a BuzzFeed post.

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