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People Have Questions About This Year's John Lewis Christmas Advert

Is moon pervert spying on your kids?

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John Lewis has released their 2015 Christmas advert. You've probably seen it and, if you haven't, you've heard about it so much you'll never need too. Here's the advert, for a refresher:

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It provoked the usual reactions.

Just showed the @johnlewisretail advert to the kids - I’m in pieces - AGAIN! I think it’s my favourite one EVER! x #ManOnTheMoon #AgeConcern

Bloody hell, @johnlewisretail, I'm crying on the bus #manonthemoon

the #ManOnTheMoon advert makes me so sad but so happy it's just a roller coaster of emotion

But some weren't so sure, and had quite a few questions.

Like, where is this man looking?

Liked the John Lewis #ManOnTheMoon ad. But questions have to be asked. Why was the first thing he zoomed in on a young girls bedroom window?

How does he breathe? How does he sit in a chair? It's full of holes.

.@johnlewisretail why do you hate science

How about helping the man instead of exploiting his loneliness for commercial gain? Hmm?

Why didn't John Lewis rescue the old man instead of just filming him? Sick. #ManOnTheMoon

He's going to plug that bloody Christmas song, isn't he?

Why is Noddy Holder on the moon? #manonthemoon

Nothing like being ungrateful at Christmas.

He'd be paying upward of £2k pcm for that in London so he should really count himself lucky. #ManOnTheMoon

And now he's a tax dodger too. It's getting worse.

I don't know why you're all getting so emotional. He's probably up there trying to avoid paying tax #manonthemoon

Yeah, you weren't invited to the holidays, grandad.

Basically. Send a lonely old relative a telescope, so they can watch from afar, the joyous celebrations they're not invited to #ManOnTheMoon

Is he even there or are we all being made to look stupid?

I ain't being funny but I've been looking all night and can't find that fella anywhere?... #ManOnTheMoon

The conspiracy theories started.

If you look carefully at the #ManOnTheMoon, you can see that the shadows are clearly in the wrong place leading me to think it was faked


The media are going to have a field day.

Daily Mail: IS MOON PERVERT SPYING ON YOUR KIDS? Do helium balloons cause cancer? Protect your pension - move to the moon #ManOnTheMoon

They got a little out of control, tbh.

I thought the new John Lewis advert was pretty harsh to be fair

Can we all take a minute to think how Monty might be feeling?

Everyone loving the #ManOnTheMoon advert. But lets take a minute to think of Monty the Penguin. Sat home alone. Now an alcoholic.

When are they out?

Still, can’t wait to buy a plush 'crying old man dying of loneliness with telescope' toy at John Lewis later

Do the math.

And he’s not half a world away, is he? He’s an entire bloody moon away. 239,000 miles across space away. #ManOnTheMoon

Well, they didn't show us that bit.

If we've learnt anything from The Martian, it's that #ManOnTheMoon has only survived this long by growing potatoes in his own faecal matter.

And this poor guy, who is considering a name change.

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