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The Michael Owen Guide To Football Commentary

All things Michael Owen has actually said out loud.

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1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the game.

Abigail Keenan / Via

2. Harness an unparalleled knowledge of tactics.

Henry Popiolek / Via

3. Never be afraid to state the obvious.

Abigail Keenan / Via

4. Try to learn a new word each day and use it in a sentence.

Abigail Keenan / Via

5. Educate the audience.

Alec Moore / Via

6. Use suitable points of comparison to express yourself.

David Straight / Via

7. Be clear and concise to ensure you get your point across.

Eric Haidara / Via

8. Immerse yourself in the sport.

Liane Metzler / Via

9. Never contradict yourself.

Lukas Budimaier / Via

10. Never.

Bob Smith / Via

11. Use your own experience to provide an insight into the mind of a professional.

Marcos Moraes / Via

12. Know how to spot a potential superstar.

Tom Sodoge / Via

13. Instil confidence in your own ability.

Mikael Kristenson / Via

14. Highlight the increasing influence of sports science.

Naphtali Marshall / Via

15. Become a human encyclopaedia of football history.

Sonja Guina / Via

16. Understand the technical side of the game.

Niels Timmer / Via

17. Recognise what makes a player tick.

Adam Klepsteen / Via

18. Always support a fellow professional.

Juan Carlos Arellano / Via

19. Understand the elements.

Michal Zacharzewski / Via

20. And finally, make a clear distinction between home life and work.

Colin Bamford / Via

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