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    21 Reasons Perth Is Way More Than OK

    The west side is the best side.

    1. FORM

    2. Araluen Botanic Park

    3. Run Amuk Hot Dogs

    4. Rottnest Island

    5. The Black Wall

    The Black Wall Facebook / Via Facebook: theblackwall

    The Black Wall features a wide selection of male and female designer brands such as Alice McCall, Bec & Bridge, C&M, Karen Walker, Romance Was Born, Nique, Vanishing Elephant and I Love Ugly that you can’t find anywhere else in Perth.

    6. Sherbet Cafe and Bake Shop

    Sherbet Cafe Facebook / Via Facebook: sherbetcafe

    With cabinets full of different homemade cakes, slices and muffins, and a unique homely décor and coffee just as good as the food, old fashioned cooking has never tasted so good.

    7. MANY 6160


    Working towards the goal of creating a vibrant Fremantle, MANY is the largest temporary space activation project in Australia. MANY’s open plan setup features a number of goods from Fremantle locals and international designers, including clothing, jewelry, shoes, paintings, soaps and so much more.

    8. Mary Street Bakery

    9. Port Beach

    10. Moore and Moore Cafe

    11. The Standard

    12. Swan Valley

    13. Queens Garden

    14. Print Hall

    15. Howard Lane

    16. Uncle Joe's

    17. Kings Park

    18. Department

    19. Fremantle Prison

    20. Cottesloe Beach

    21. Voyage Kitchen

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