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  • The 9 Shittiest Songs of the Year

    People wonder why music journalists are so grumpy all the time. At least they would if a single person in the world actually cared what music journalists think. But consider this, we’re accustomed to the idea of post traumatic stress disorder among those who labor in dangerous professions, soldiers, and so on. We pretty much have the exact same job. Except instead of bullets we spend our days dodging projectiles of musical excrement hurled at our faces day over and over. We’re out here on the frontlines taking heavy fire, so that you, the good music-stealing citizens of the world can sleep soundly at night. Practically heroes, I suppose you might say.

  • Getting Fired On Twitter = the Future

    Everyone in my news feed is LOLing @ this poor sap who made the entry-level internet mistake of complaining about her job online then getting promptly fired. Colossally stupid, right? Especially since she mentioned the name of her employer, her delicious, delicious meat and cheese wrapped in flour employer, in the tweet. What a fucking idiot. Except, woops, I know exactly how she feels, because the same thing happened to me the other day:

  • How to Be Better at Facebook

    Think as soon as we stop thinking of each other as friends and realize we’re all just content providers, everyone will step their Facebook game up a notch.Mean that IRL too. Provide some content or I’m [x]ing your face button. View Image ›

  • How to Be Fat - Top 10 Tips

    As someone who has in fact been fat at a few different stages of my life, and is about one year of marriage and 30 more deliveries from Gerry’s Italian Kitchen away from getting back to the promised land again, it’s not racist when I say that fat people are gross. But if you’re going to insist on being fat yourself in this day and age, despite all the significant strides in body shame deodorant commercials and “True Blood” have made in teaching you to feel shitty about yourself, here are a few quick tips you can follow to lessen your visual impact on the rest of us less disgusting, more reasonably-appetited humans. Step number one: Try not to be so fat all the time. Have you tried that? OK, fine, then here are your remaining options. via   View List ›

  • 50 Photos of Wasted Electro Hipsters at IDFest

    Whatever, here are some pictures. I was all psyched to take a thousand pictures of how dumb everyone looked, but then I started to feel like a creep, so I dunno, job well done, American youth? Like 50 more images of fucked up teenagers in those silly fluorescent hats and American flags after the jump.

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