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German People Are Pissing Themselves Over Boris Johnson As Foreign Secretary

"Was Voldemort unavailable?"

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Boris Johnson, a man who called Turkey's president a goat fucker, now represents Britain on the world stage.

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And people all over the world find it hilarious.

Lo de Boris Johnson como ministro de Exteriores es una genialidad, humor británico puro

This Spanish tweet reads: "The thing of Boris Johnson as foreign secretary is genius, pure British humour."

German TV news presenters can't help laughing as they announce #BorisJohnson as Britain's new Foreign Minister.

But it's the Germans who are coming out with the best zingers.

"Why did they appoint Boris Johnson as foreign secretary? Was Voldemort unavailable?"

Warum ist Boris Johnson denn jetzt Außenminister? Haben die Voldemort nicht erreicht?

"Boris Johnson just fired James Bond and plans to take care of everything by himself."

Boris Johnson hat als neuer Chef des MI6 soeben James Bond entlassen und kümmert sich jetzt selbst um alles.

"Worldwide reactions after the announcement of Boris Johnson as foreign secretary."

Weiterhin weltweit spontane Reaktionen auf die Ernennung von Boris Johnson zum britischen Außenminister.

"Boris Johnson as foreign secretary? Now we understand that Little Britain was never meant to be satirical."

Boris Johnson Außenminister? So langsam begreifen wir, dass “Little Britain” nie als Satire gemeint war.

"Boris Johnson as foreign secretary? That must be the British humour everyone is talking about."

Boris Johnson Aussenminister? Das muss dieser feine, britische Humor sein, von dem man immer so viel hört.

"Boris Johnson is going to be foreign secretary."

#BorisJohnson wird britischer #Außenminister.

"Boris Johnson, her majesty's future most senior diplomat."

Boris Johnson, künftig der oberste Diplomat ihrer Majestät.

"The serious retweet. And now the unfiltered emotional reaction."

Der seriöse Retweet. Und jetzt die ungefilterte emotionale Reaktion. #Johnson #Außenminister #LastTweet

"Breaking! Mr Bean to be British transport secretary."

Breaking! #MrBean wird britischer Verkehrsminister! #Johnson #Außenminister

"Good luck, Great Britain!"

Viel Glück Großbritannien! 🙃 #Johnson #Außenminister

But not everyone in Germany thinks Johnson is a harmless buffoon. The country's foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, just called him "irresponsible" for having orchestrated the Brexit crisis and then casually gone to play cricket.