26 Very Good Reasons To Fall In Love With A Northerner

As if you needed persuading.

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1. Well there are the accents, for a start, which are uniformly delightful.

(Regardless of what Ofsted might have to say on the matter).

2. Consequently, they’ll have their own irrestible ways of sweet-talking you.

3. It’s a cliche to say it, but they’ll probably be refreshingly direct, and free of self-importance.

4. So you’ll always know exactly where you stand, romantically speaking.

5. They’ll often come up with a profound piece of wisdom that leaves you speechless.

6. They’ll put forward philosophical conundrums you’d never really pondered before.

7. They’ll rarely complain about the cold or drizzle. They don’t even feel it anymore.

8. They’ll probably have really excellent taste in music.

9. Having grown up inspired by a superior crop of local heroes.


10. They’ll have a sophisticated palate.

11. And a taste for life’s culinary luxuries.

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12. Crucially, they’ll be able to handle their drink.

13. Never be short of conversation.

14. And display an admirable commitment to having a good time.

15. They’ll also be able to take you places of awe-inspiring natural beauty.


16. They’ll have surprisingly strong opinions on what to call one of these.

Bun? Barm cake? Breadcake? Teacake? Bin lid? This debate can literally go on for hours.

17. Plus if you’re really lucky they might cook you something delicious that you’d never get down south.

Pictured: chicken parmo. It’s, er, nicer than it looks.

18. They will also - and this is really key - know how to make you a proper brew.

19. Equipped with a keen bullshit detector, they’ll never let you become too pretentious.

Even if you do move to London.

20. And if you ever start acting/dressing like a twat, they’ll be sure to let you know.

21. It’s true that the object of your affection might not always be hugely romantic.


22. They will be resolute in their absolute unwillingness to be impressed by anything.

23. And have weird habits/obsessions that you don’t quite get.

24. They’ll often keep their true feelings hidden beneath a veneer of insults.

25. But then, every now and again, they’ll surprise you by being supremely affectionate.


26. And thanks to the whole “straight-talking” thing, you’ll never be in the dark about how they really feel.

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Luke Lewis is BuzzFeed's Head of European Growth and is based in London.
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