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    18 Varieties Of Dreadful One Direction Fan Art

    Masterpieces, every one.

    1. The school textbook scrawl.

    2. The Crimewatch photofit.

    3. The soft-focus sketch.

    4. The sinister study.

    5. The toothy tracing.

    6. The imperfect portrait.

    7. The ghoulish doodle.

    8. The lousy line-drawing.

    9. The artless artwork.

    10. The unpleasant etching.

    11. The crappy composition.

    12. The disturbing daubing.

    13. The dead-eyed depiction.

    Hang on, that last one looks familiar.

    14. The stalker's sketchbook.

    15. The questionable nail art.

    16. The off-colour outline.

    17. The unerotic objet d'art.

    18. And the painting that will haunt your nightmares.

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