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The 19 Types Of Old-School Rave Casualty

Ecstasy is a hell of a drug.

1. The enthusiast.

2. The sorcerer.

3. The unwitting Dad dancer.

4. The novice.

5. Mr jazz hands.

6. The shirtless geezers.

7. The show-offs.

8. The fella who keeps revving an invisible chainsaw.

9. The stumbler.

10. The freestylers.

11. The chap who went in too strong.

12. The scary face-chewer.

13. The spiv.

14. The berserker.

15. The man who can't seem to get close enough to the speakers.

16. Mr. shell suit.

17. The David Cameron lookalike.

18. The bloke who's basically having quite a nice time.

19. And, of course, the gurners.