32 Times Video Games Made Absolutely No Sense

    What are you doing, video game characters?

    1. Why are you running like this, athlete?

    2. What is going on here, basketball players? Are you OK?

    3. Why have you got your head between your opponent's legs, football player?

    4. Why is there a barrel on your head, merchant in Skyrim? Is that any way to conduct business?

    5. Why are your necks so long, SWAT team?

    6. Army person, why are you just sort of tap-dancing while under heavy fire? What do you hope to achieve by that?

    7. What's going on here, fella? What are you trying to say?

    8. Is this really the ideal way to enter combat, soldiers?

    9. Why do you have no neck, wrestler?

    10. Baseball pitcher, is this really the best way to go about things?

    11. Futuristic space lady, why are you walking like this? Is there a medical condition we should know about?

    12. Why the long face, Sim? Is cooking really that much of an ordeal?

    13. What is wrong with your baby, Sim?

    14. Why are you swimming up to your front door, Sim?

    15. Why fly up into the sky after crossing the finish line, Luigi? Where is the sense in that?

    16. Stop slouching, soldier. What is your problem?

    17. What happened to your body, sentry? Why are you just a collection of polygons?

    18. What are you doing there on the floor, wrestler? Pull yourself together.

    19. Why are you floating around in the air, hat-wearing person? Is that any way to behave on an airport runway?

    20. Why are you dancing like this, velociraptor? It seems so futile.

    21. What precisely is going with your boobs here?

    22. Why are you not showing more immediate concern? Your friend is clearly on fire.

    23. Why are you being so affectionate? Aren't you supposed to be on opposing teams?

    24. This, too, is confusing behaviour. Is it a tactical thing?

    25. Erm.

    26. ?

    27. ???

    28. Are you OK, Spider-Man?

    29. What's the deal, Link?

    30. Stop dicking about, dragon.

    31. FFS. Who drives a grand piano through heavy traffic?

    32. Seriously, video game characters, what the hell is wrong with you all?