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The 26 Most Profoundly German Things That Have Ever Happened

Germany, we love you, but sometimes you go too far.

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3. This air freshener.

Ein echter Thüringer hat am fetten Donnerstag natürlich seinen Duftbaum dabei.


5. This tattoo.

Instagram: @sluppychain

That's a Bavarian delicacy called Leberkässemmel – kind of like a pâté sandwich.

7. This attempt to encourage a love of beer from a young age.

Symbolfoto zur #Drogenpolitik in #Bayern.


9. This "cocktail of the day".

Sonntags gibt's in #Kreuzberg auch mal was Besonderes. #ditisberlin


13. This enticing special offer.

Thüringen Park in Erfurt. Weil wir Thüringer es können.

"Spend 100 euros on men's clothes, get five litres of beer free!"


25. The person who said sorry with a sausage.

From the archives: The Apology Sausage #onlyingermany

"Apologies for any inconvenience caused regarding the burger on 25 June. The team of Hans Fäßler Co."

26. And this method of dispensing alcohol.