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    19 Things You Only See In West London

    They do things differently there.

    1. Velvet-covered Porsches.

    2. Bugaboo pushchairs.

    3. Tourists posing for photos outside this door.

    4. This sign outside a dry cleaners.

    5. Incredibly well dressed toddlers.

    6. A Margaret Thatcher-themed nightclub.

    7. This sort of scene.

    8. And this one.

    9. Blokes in upturned collars.

    10. This sort of chap.

    11. Wacky policemen, once a year.

    12. Deeply subversive graffiti.

    13. Property prices that can only be some kind of cosmic joke.

    14. Needlessly ornate cocktails.

    15. Number plates like this.

    16. Cars like this.

    17. Restaurants like this.

    18. Trousers like this.

    19. And people from East London feeling a long, long way from home.