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    25 Little Things That Are Guaranteed To Make British People Snigger

    Puerile humour FTW.

    1. That time a seagull photobombed Sky News.

    2. This rugby team, who discovered to their cost that celebrating with Magners doesn't really work.

    3. The punning quote on the back of this delivery van.

    4. This yacht company, which should probably think more carefully about where it puts its logo.

    5. This unexpectedly dramatic news item in The Sun.

    The Sun

    6. This unfortunate headline combination in The Times.

    7. And this one in the Telegraph.


    8. The time a spoof Greggs logo appeared on the company's Wikipedia page by mistake.

    Via @WillardFoxton

    9. This photo caption, which appeared in a Daily Mail World Cup match report and may or may not have been a mistake.

    10. This pleasing example of nominative determinism.

    11. The realisation that a British version of Breaking Bad would never have worked.

    12. The fact that someone keeps leaving these anti-Daily Mail signs on South West Trains.

    Nicola Branch / Via Twitter: @branchenergy

    13. This smartarse's letter to The Times.


    14. This letter to Viz.

    15. The time BBC Weather alarmed festivalgoers with this caption fail.

    16. That time a fake Tesco account started replying to customers on Twitter, and everyone thought it was real.

    17. This majestic extract from Roger Moore's autobiography.

    Via @NickdeSemlyen

    18. This news caption, which was deeply confusing to anyone who read it in a hurry. / Via @Bigshirtlesscol

    19. This hugely important news story.

    20. This unintentionally (?) filthy moment in a children's book.

    21. The time The Guardian inadvertently tweeted a picture of an aid worker's sex toy.

    22. The wisdom of Karl Pilkington.

    Via Thinkstock/BuzzFeed/Kimberley Dadds

    23. This entirely plausible story in the Sunday Sport.

    24. This dog that looks like Richard Branson.

    25. And, of course, this picture of Winston from Ghostbusters appearing to bum himself.

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