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27 Things Posh People Like

Warning: Top bants ahead.

1. Upturned collars.

2. High hair.

3. Slip-on shoes, no socks.

4. Choosing spectacular Christian names for their kids.

5. To add to their already insanely long surnames.

6. Driving a velvet-covered Porsche through Fulham.

7. Cocktails that look like this.

8. Expensive pets.

9. Pets that resemble their owners.

10. The jumper-over-the-shoulders look.

11. West London.

12. Careers in the military.

13. Making lists of other posh people, most of whom you've never heard of.

14. Wellies.

15. Wearing a gilet to work.

16. Accepting trophies.

17. Top bants.

18. The word 'totes'.

19. Collections of letters written by posh people to other posh people.

20. Regattas.

21. Tweed.

22. Blazers.

23. Boutique music festivals.

24. Horse racing festivals that aren't the Grand National.

25. Stripy ties.

26. The great outdoors.

27. And red trousers.