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The Worst Club Night Promo In The World Has Gone Viral, And It Is Absolutely Glorious

One million views and counting.

Bounce by the Ounce is a club night in Preston.

Its promoters have put together a promo video.

The video showcases all the things you can expect to see when you go to Bounce by the Ounce.

The awesome dance moves.

The eccentric characters.

The fierce voguing.

The touching displays of male bonding on the dance floor.

The no-holds-barred hedonism.

The intensely sexual vibe.

Oh, and this guy.

Since the promo video went viral, Crazy Guy – as YouTube commenters christened him – has become a bit of a meme.

Someone's even uploaded a supercut tribute which is just him dancing for 10 hours on a loop.

Here's to you, Crazy Guy, and all the regulars at Bounce by the Ounce.

The internet loves you.

Watch the original clip in full.

View this video on YouTube

"Crazy Guy" is Shaun Jackson, a 41-year-old plasterer and former boxer from Leyland. He tells BuzzFeed that he is delighted by his newfound internet fame, which has translated to real-world notoriety in the Preston area. He was recognised while out shopping the other day and "everyone started clapping and cheering".