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The Most Socially Awkward Moment Of The World Cup So Far

Dutch goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen fails to get a high five after being replaced just before his team's penalty shootout against Costa Rica.

Poor Jasper Cillessen.

Michael Steele / Via Getty Images

Despite having kept three clean sheets, during the quarter-final against Costa Rica he was taken off at the end of extra time and replaced by Tim Krul for the penalty shootout.

Laurence Griffiths / Via Getty Images

Krul saved two, and was the hero of the hour.

Jamie McDonald / Via Getty Images

Causing him to be mobbed by ecstatic team mates.

Jamie McDonald / Via Getty Images

Cillessen, meanwhile, couldn't even get a high five.

Argh, the awkwardness.

Jamie McDonald / Via Getty Images

H/T Telegraph.

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