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The 24 Most Pretentious Things Ever

Some people take themselves just a little too seriously.

1. This method of preparing coffee.

2. This graffiti spotted in Shoreditch.

3. This ad agency slogan.

4. This marketing mission statement.

5. This photo of Sting playing the lute while his wife does yoga.

6. This advert for a replica All Blacks rugby shirt.

7. This guy's diet.

8. This tweet.

9. This Instagram photo.

10. And this one.

11. This menu.

12. Kanye West, interviewed by the New York Times.

13. This "symbiotic chair".

14. These things said by Gwyneth Paltrow.

15. All these beards.

16. Lady Gaga's thoughts on pearls.

17. This coffee menu.

18. This description of London 2012 mascot Wenlock.

19. These Brooklyn-based chocolatiers.

20. This musing on the cultural meaning of the custard pie.

21. Davie Bowie's response, when asked to explain his recent album "The Next Day".

22. This mode of transport.

23. This pseudo-intellectual cat.

24. And this ostentatiously literary dog.