The Best Of The Queen Vs. "Game Of Thrones"

    Windsor is coming.

    The queen visited the Game of Thrones set today.

    Everyone was hoping she would sit on the Iron Throne, like this.

    Or like this.

    Someone had to do it: Elizabeth Stormborn of House Windsor, Queen of the Angles and the Scots, The Second of Her Name

    Or like this.

    #GameOfThrones The queen to visit the set of @HBO in Belfast. @EamonnHolmes

    But she didn't.

    Which was a bit of a letdown.

    But people still managed to have fun with the whole episode.

    Queen filled in on Game of Thrones with its intrigue and plot twists and villains and wronged heroines and sorry that's the hacking trial.

    But ultimately we were all left disappointed.

    The Queen stepped away from the Iron Throne and the entire newsroom booed hysterically

    And Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister, gave a look that summed up how we all felt.

    Really not impressed.


    Pfft. Harry would totally have sat on the throne.